Selaat arkistoa kohteelle talvipyöräily.

The End of RRtY

25.2.2018 Kuopion seutu, Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily, wintercycling, Yleinen

Finally I can rest my case ?. Sick and lazy whole February so today DNF.

Weather was good enough -12C – -6C. Rode 70km but then I decided ride home. A very good decision.

What a relief!

82th monthly 200km

9.1.2018 Kuopion seutu, Maantiepyöräily, Munkkikahvit, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, Ruokailu, talvipyöräily, wintercycling, Yleinen

Short history: 2.1.2018 I tried alone ride 200km. Weather was too bad. Snowing, raining, wet and a lot of sleet. DNF. 150km was the result.  Now it was windy 7-8m/s but otherwise normal winter weather -5C to -7C and no snowing or sleet on the road. And I had my super-domestique with me. Not riding alone this time.

7.1.2018. Start 6:30am:

2l hot water in 3 thermosbottle. 2 thin slices of bread. 2 bars of chocolate. 1 banana. 2 liquorice stick. Ride plan: Kuopio -Puutossalmi (Puutossalmentie) – Kurkimäki – Vesanto – Kuopio = 200km.

First plan and goal: 0 – 26km southwest. Partly tailwind – try to pedal fast.Take it easy. Small break in the turning point and  eat half of banana and drink. (Puutossalmentie).

Second goal: 27 – 60km end of Kurkimäentie (Kurkimäki). After break back the same road turn left hill up turn right. Mostly very strong headwind. Not bad hills. Feels already bad. Drink. Eat rest of banana. Half liquorice stick.

Third goal: 60 – 120km or 95 km. Vesanto or Tervo. Cafe. Only indoor break. Very strong headwind. Feeling shit. Legs are very heavy. No power to pedal anymore.  First planned to ride without break further west to Vesanto. No strength left. Had to have break in Tervo.

During this section I calculate riding options 1. 20 big bad Hills + headwind 2. Crosswind + bad road surface 3. DNF 200k and ride back home in tailwind.

Break:  Ate little bread and donut. Drank Coffee and mineral water.

Decision: found some of my legs but decided not to ride against headwind. Turned north to small roads. Surprisingly road surface wasn’t so bad at all.

95km – .Small circle and back to Tervo. Ate some bread and chocolate. Then tailwind and back to Kurkimäki. In Kurkimäki I felt pretty good. I realised that I finish in time.  Near Kuopio I was death again.

I hate to wait for You all the time!!!

It was still missing 18km and only 12km left if we ride normal route back home. There is a new bridge in a new neighborhood and we decide to ride via that bridge. It made the rest of the trip little longer and in town I had to circle only 3 km before finishing the ride at home. 13h 10min – and I was very very tired. I was near to vomiting. So, normal winter ride ;)

Summary: Tuesday 150 + Sunday 200 proved that I have some balls left. Both of rides were heavier than normal ride. Only problem is that I am too, too slow and weak nowadays. I hate February already.


Wintersoltice 2017 – How it happened – talvipäivänseisaus once more

18.12.2017 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily, wintercycling, Yleinen

Shortly: 236 km, nice weather, partly icy roads, no normal headwind ;) 2 riders.

Because (Kuopio) Jyväskylä to Tampere roads has been thoroughly ridden I planned the route from Kaskinen to Tampere. We got car ride to Kaskinen where we started ride about 3 pm. Weather was nice. Gentle headwind and icy roads. Coastal area has different landscape than Kuopio area. NO HILLS ;) First proper hill was after 150km.

We ride fast for me. During last years my riding speed has reduced. So 20 km/winter speed is very fast for me. My only plan was ride December 200k in time.

First break was in Kankaanpää 110km. Because of (too) fast ride I lost my appetite and got my normal (too-fast-for-me) sickness and started feeling very nauseous. Not first time, but nowadays a quite rare thing because I ride on purpose quite slow normally. Coke and chocolate – that was main dish ;) I ate. 110km is a little too far for first break, but that was the plan and I knew it.

Second break was in  Parkano. There I felt already very tired. This time I could eat more. Only 50km left for 200. 200k went under 13h. That was very good.

After 200k in Ikaalinen road E12 started hills. They were surprisingly difficult to ride. My ”weak” ticker didn’t like them at all. I felt so weird that I was quite ready for call an ambulance. But eventually I managed recover a little in order to carry proper riding. Last break in Ylöjärvi was pleasant. I could easily eat porridge and that made feel better.


My normal weekend rides have been very short 30-60km only and very slow (12-14 km/h). Because of bad back (excuse) I don’t exercise anything else than riding. I am too weak for winter long rides. I know that long distance cycling is full of suffering. At least for me.  But too much is too much.

This was the beginning of the end.




80th pikapäivitys

6.11.2017 Maantiepyöräily, talvipyöräily

80th kk x 200. Startti suhteellisen raskaan työviikon jälkeen perjantai-iltana klo 19.10. Alussa kiire tauolle Kinnulanlahteen ennen sulkemisaikaa. Auraamaton pätkä yllätti ennen taukoa. Hapoille :( Kevyttä retkiajelua myötätuulessa Iisalmeen. Makkaralahden kierros. Huomio: aikaa mennytkin ylimäärin. Kiireellä Matin ja Liisan asemalle. Pystykahvit. ”Täyttä” maantieosuus Siilinjärvelle vastatuuleen. Siilinjärvellä ihan finaalissa. 10km ennen loppua alamäkeen uukkari, kun lähti liukkaalla takanen irti ja muuttui etuseksi. En kaatunut. Takanastarengas tyhjeni.

Ajoin 5 kilometriä tyhjällä renkaalla. Helevetin raskasta oli. Järki ei käskenyt vaihtamaan rengasta, kun vasta pakon edessä, kun ratas ei enää pyörinyt ollenkaan. Pikavaihto. Rengas kesti. Tänään aamulla uudestaan tyhjä.

Kotona en kyennyt kävelemään heti pyörältä noustuani. Huilasin muutaman hetken ja sitten jalat kantoivat, mutta käsissä ei ollut voimaa kantaa pyörää kellariin. Jep jep. Kotona melkein laatta lensi.

Vartin jälkeen elämä voitti ja suihkuun. Vähän ruokaa ja tajuttomana sänkyyn. Kahden nurkilla ylös ja poskien läpsyttelyä ja jääkiekkopeliin mars.

Ja tämä oli ns. helppo ajo – ainakin ennalta suunniteltuna. Hyvä sää ja keli. Ja kaverikin oli mukana. Mitähän ne sitten ennalta vaikeat reissut tulevat olemaan.

What next?

21.9.2017 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily, wintercycling

2013 LEL DNF

2015 PBP OK

2017 LEL DNF

What next? I’m still riding monthly 200k (x77th month). After first 100k riding is very dull. I almost miss winter riding because in the winter time there is some challenge to ride 200k. Almost ;)

It’s 2 years to next PBP. Last time as always I promised to myself not go (come) there (here) ever again. Do I have once again a short memory?

I have one goal left. To ride 1000k in Finland. I will try it next summer. I have still bad lower back problem (started April), but it doesn’t prevent me riding like former thigh pain. First 7 hours riding is OK, but after that riding is a quite painful :(

There will be Sverige Tempo (2100k ?) 2020 in Sweden that might be a ride to participate but for that I should start to train. 1200k I can ride without training.

In Finland we have a national competition for ”ordinary people” and active riders to gather kilometers. I have had a team there almost every time (summer competition 1.5. to 22.9. and winter competition 1.1. to 30.3.). Quite often my team has been among the top three. Like this year.

5600k and 53 starts from 1.5. to 22.9. Not bad with my bad back. This summer competition will be my last with my own team. Next time I will (if I participate) be ”rank-and-filer” in some other team.

After this summer LEL I ended up writing to the Finnish cycling forum. It has become so childish. It has always been, but now it has gone over the edge.

One way to cheer up dying hobby is to buy new things. I have almost unused cyclo cross bike. I have started slowly planning to make it a winter or even new summer bike. I have unused butterfly handlebars. Maybe I take road handlebars off and put the other one in stead. There should be room for wider tyres and mudguards.

I hope I can fix my back soon.


”Ride the snake
He’s old and his skin is cold”




RRTY 6 years – 12.3.2017

14.3.2017 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily, wintercycling

Long and windy 200k. Wet and icy.

It has been very difficult to get up and start riding.. Now it’s even more difficult. I woke up 4:30 and was on the bike 6:45. Luckily it’s not dark anymore.

The last trip – ridewithgps

Real Winter Cycling

5.12.2016 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily, wintercycling, Yleinen

Some familiar stuff again:

Real means colder than minus 10 Celsius. I don’t have any limits. -32C has been coldest so far.

Critical points of the body

1. Feet – I have old Lake MX303 (?) winter shoes. They are one size bigger than summer shoes. Should be two. Alone they don’t protect enough at all. Therefore I have Vaude Minsk II overshoes. The new ones are very warm. I have SPD cleats so I have a quite thick insole. One sock. Or one thick and one very thin. If needed I use chemical warmers (small plastic bags containing rust ;) )

2. Hands – I have thick leather mittens with inner gloves.

3. Head – Helmet cover and one or two windstopper cap. Open face – no burkha! (Or balaclava – they are for the babies)

The rest of the body: always more clothes on than needed. It’s better to sweat than shiver.

Upper body: Extreme cold – two winter jackets on top of each other. Underwear shirt. Two long shirts. Arm warmers. And more if needed.

Lower body: two winter bibs on top of each other. Underwear shorts if needed. Knee warmers if needed.


At the moment I have three thermos bottles. One big 1,5l and two (too) small. I have enough warm drink for about 100km. That’s vital for me. Food freezes therefore I eat normally chocolate or other sweets.

Bad and good winter routes

A good route contains less cycle paths and more roads the bigger the better. They are normally better plowed. 200km long full circle is the best. Sometimes I ride a little bit there and a little bit here. The result is too short ride and at the end of the ride you must find extra round in order to get the whole mileage. I plan to stop at least once. Sometimes I don’t have time to stop second time. Even it’s very cold the clothes get very wet inside out. After the indoor break the clothes freeze to the ”backbone” and that is not nice at all.

Mental illness

Winter cycling is ride or die happening ;) If you are able to ride you keep yourself warm if not you freeze to death – so simple! There where I sometimes ride 200km trips there are no passing cars or living people. If I fall or otherwise stay there nobody will rescue me. What about lungs. They suffer like rest of the body. When its very cold (-20C and over) its some kind of art to ride fast enough and breathe the same time.

Sometimes people ask when it feels good –never. Winter cycling is pain in the ass. Why I ride – maybe kind of need for vanity and self-importance.

1.3.2016 Kuopion seutu, Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, Ruokailu, talvipyöräily

Kilometrikisassa olen pyörittänyt jonkinlaista joukkuetta useampana vuonna sekä talvisin, että kesäisin. Yleensä ollaan kolmen joukossa oltu ja talvikisa kerran voitettu. Utajärven porukka on ollut osallistuessaan aina ylivoimainen, mutta seuraavista sijoista on hyvin kamppailtu. Tänä vuonna näyttää, että piensarjassa tullaan toisiksi. Eilen ajoin Vetomiehen kanssa Vehmerin kierroksen, jotta en jäisi omassa joukkueessa viimeiseksi. Noloahan se olisi ”kapteenina” hännillä olla. Vähän päälle 1300km tuli talvikisaan. Ei paljon, mutta riittävästi. Ilkka-vainaa ajoi yhtenä talvena 2700km ja tämän vuoden joukkueessamme paras vähän yli 2000km. Ainoa ”äijä”, vaikka onkin nainen ;) Me neljä mieskuhnuria ei päästy edes keskiarvoon.


Yllä näkymä Vehmersalmen sillalta. Vehmerin lenkki kuopiolaisten ehkä eniten ajama lenkki. Siitä puhuvat kaikki ja sen ajamisesta minulta aina kysytään. En itse sitä kovin paljoa arvosta. Ovelta ovelle aika lailla tasan sata, joten siksi silloin tällöin sopiva ajettava. Sisältää lossimatkan, joten vähän vieraspaikkakuntalaiselle eksotiikkaa. Ainoa taukopaikka taitaaa olla puolen välin Vehmersalmen SEO ja sen eväät alla. Vähän liian tukeva setti, mutta kaikki meni.


The joy of winter cycling

15.2.2016 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily


My ankle got some damage. 100kg (myself) dropped on it when I tried to ride snowy cycle path. I have fallen almost every ride during this winter. Riding conditions have been very bad. And old man like me has found it very difficult to cope with.


Wintercycling as its best

8.2.2016 Kuopion seutu, Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily

Sorry for the photo but it describes wintercycling as its best. Agony after 200k and 13,5h in a snowstorm.


The Plan for the 59th monthly 200k in a row was very good. Early start, good route and weather.

No early start. Only after 7. Weather forecast promised snowstorm early evening, but I planned to be fast and be near home before the worst. And only short unknown road and the others should be in good shape.

The ride
I had very bad legs from the beginning. I had two sessions of pilates during the week and normally even one is too much. First 80k went quite well. No bad things happened.

”A good road”

First resting place was a small cafe. And there were not much to eat. After that I rode the worst road ever. Bad part was only 30k but it was enough. Thin, hilly, icy and snowy road. Lot of holes and traffic. I was totally exhausted and nearly rode home the shortest way. And it was only shortly past half way.

”Not so bad yet”

I carried on but then the storm started a couple of hours too early. Headwind last 4-5 hours and a lot of snow. I had brains to rest once more and eat half of sandwich and chocolate in a better and bigger cafe. 40k still to go and 3,5 hours time left. Last 10k I nearly carried my bike because of the snow. I walked first time ever a hill. Nobody saw I hope ;)

I was really (normally I am only death) death when arriving home. A couple of minutes left but I did it once again.

Big balls and no brains…