• Pikkukuva(ENGLISH/ENGLANTI!)   Hello everyone!
    The title already notice that today is Wednesday, 3/11. I have again recently been buying all kinds. I have bought H & M slippers, jeans and Seppälä. I’m not sure if I already[…]

  • Hello there! I decided to again write in English, because it’s fun ! I am excited to play Minecraft .
    It’s a fun game. I’ve played it before , but then it was a little bit .
    I do not remember anymore your own account and I do not even e-mail.
    Fortunately, my brother has a password . I do not have to catch him , but I think that too hoidu soon as possible.
    Oops , I forgot to tell you what day it is .
    Today is Sunday, the twenty-second day of February.
    This blog entry is short, because I can not think much of anything to say .
    It is indeed forced to say that I am excited to learn the Italian language.
    Well , nothing more than …

    By: lottamariieyo

  • Pikkukuva                     Hello guys!

    I am from Finland, but this is the first blog post about the honor of writing in English. I’m not terribly good in English, so some words may not be correct. Here are a couple of[…]

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