Selaat arkistoa kohteelle wintercycling talvipyöräily.

Wintercycling as its best

8.2.2016 Kuopion seutu, Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily

Sorry for the photo but it describes wintercycling as its best. Agony after 200k and 13,5h in a snowstorm.


The Plan for the 59th monthly 200k in a row was very good. Early start, good route and weather.

No early start. Only after 7. Weather forecast promised snowstorm early evening, but I planned to be fast and be near home before the worst. And only short unknown road and the others should be in good shape.

The ride
I had very bad legs from the beginning. I had two sessions of pilates during the week and normally even one is too much. First 80k went quite well. No bad things happened.

”A good road”

First resting place was a small cafe. And there were not much to eat. After that I rode the worst road ever. Bad part was only 30k but it was enough. Thin, hilly, icy and snowy road. Lot of holes and traffic. I was totally exhausted and nearly rode home the shortest way. And it was only shortly past half way.

”Not so bad yet”

I carried on but then the storm started a couple of hours too early. Headwind last 4-5 hours and a lot of snow. I had brains to rest once more and eat half of sandwich and chocolate in a better and bigger cafe. 40k still to go and 3,5 hours time left. Last 10k I nearly carried my bike because of the snow. I walked first time ever a hill. Nobody saw I hope ;)

I was really (normally I am only death) death when arriving home. A couple of minutes left but I did it once again.

Big balls and no brains…