Selaat arkistoa kohteelle winter cycling.

The joy of winter cycling

15.2.2016 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, talvipyöräily


My ankle got some damage. 100kg (myself) dropped on it when I tried to ride snowy cycle path. I have fallen almost every ride during this winter. Riding conditions have been very bad. And old man like me has found it very difficult to cope with.


Long distance winter cycling

18.1.2016 Maantiepyöräily, Yleinen


Picture tells all what you need – attidude. I hate cold weather. I don’t have any temperature limits. -25C was yesterday and I rode 4h. I have a lot of clothes on. Maybe more than needed but you never know what happens. I have a couple of thermos bottles with me, too. Small (0,5l) and big (1,5l) it is enough for a whole day, if needed. I stop normally at least once for a coffee break. After that it is awful cold but you can’t help it.