Selaat arkistoa kohteelle Satakunta.

Helsinki-Satakunta-Helsinki 600km (HelliSH) 11. – 12.6.2016

14.6.2016 Maantiepyöräily, Pitkänmatkanpyöräily, Yleinen

Many years (every year) I have decide to participate HSH-600B (HSH) This year it happened.

I left Kuopio friday for Espoo Camping in Espoo near Helsinki.


Camping area was almost empty that was very good for me.

The ride started form Helsinkin City center 8:00am. I had to ride there 26km early in the morning. I were lost a couple of times but I made it on time.


There were 20 of us starting the ride. Weather was otherwise very good but high headwind wasn’t so uplifting. First 85km up and down steep hills- very hilly. Too much for me. I hated every meter. I rode with group of three most of time at the beginning of the ride. Normally some distance behind the others.


I have two navigators. Garmin 800 (piece of shit) and Bryton 60 (piece of shit, too). I don’t use any road list. It is too complicated to me ;) I try to ride with somebody wiser than me if navigating is needed.


The route was beautiful but it didn’t help me at all. We had night break early in the morning about 6am in Kokemäki. After break two of us carried on together. In Forssa my reliable companion quit. Some problems with his leg. I found another one. Local older gentleman riding his first brevet. I wondered how an earth because he was in much better shape than me. We ride last 120 km together. It went a quite well. We finished 10pm. 2 hours still left. Not bad.

The ride was very hard. Partly too hilly for me. Normally I ride B600 Kuopio-Oulu-Kuopio. And it isn’t this bad at all. I ate a lot during the ride. That was a pleasant surprise!

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