Selaat arkistoa kohteelle okay.

I am okay

23.12.2016 Yleinen

I am kinda suprised that I am okay. I though that break up would destroy me for a while but no. Of course I have cried and I have been sad but I continue my life. Maybe I am really gotten stronger. Maybe I feel okay because I know I tried my best.  Moving out from home helped me a lot with break up too.

I have lived a week alone now. Of course it’s boring and lonely sometimes but mostly awesome. I can do what I want. I can watch tv at 3am. I have been taking good care of myself. I am waiting my home to be ready so I can celebrate with friends and family.

I want to spend more time with my friends. I want to actually do something with them. And that is kinda new to me.

But now I have to go. ;-;

Love from Alex <3

Something small for everyone

5.12.2016 Yleinen






Cats are so adorable.

I hope this makes someone smile.

Hope you all are okay and happy. <3 (it’s okay to not be happy too and you can’t always be okay).

Love from Alex.