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Why it is not worthy to come to Finland as a refugee

18.9.2015 Yleinen

Locals in helsinki quing for food.

Locals in helsinki quing for food.

Finland is in bankruptcy.

Finland can not and will not take more refugees. The media has made a positive picture (in august 2015 ) about how the locals welcome people etc. This is not true. It is only a minor procentage that are welcoming. Ther ar so many people coming in to finland that this is making a rise of rasism and will have very large and huge influence on how people react on refugees. The financial state of finland is almost as bad as greece. (will be as bad by 2017 if notting major happens) Finland is having the worst recession since the world war 2. No refugees will get a good support money at the end. The state can not Afford it. Unemploiment in finland is one of the highest in Europe at the moment. The misery of the locals is so bad that refugees will be hated. We have to get the debt of finland down before we can think of others. Otherwise there will be more strikes and even a civil war. Finland has also very high living costs. In order to have a nice life in finland one must earn a good money, but finland will continue to be in recession in the years to come. The debt is currently 110mlrd. Finland is a small country and can not take more refugees. Even the locals in the biggest cities does not get appartments, or the appartments are very expensive (1000€/month for a studio in Helsinki )

if you dont speak finnish and are very highly educated in the same level as scandinavians, there will be no chance to get a job.

finland can not afford the same things we had 8 years ago. This is no longer the same highliving society. Salaries getting down, costs going up, no jobs, the ones who suffer the most are families with kids, elderly people, unemploied.

also finland is and will be a christian country, not a muslim society. Even if religion does not play a huge part in many Finnish peoples heart, even then the muslim religion with its degrading policy with women and children etc. and a strict alcohol policy is not welcome.

It also takes years to get a visa and the rules will get much more strict whit this overload.

The climate in Finland is terrible: cold, rainy and dark 9 months in an year.

And for the last it is widely known how refugees lie when they come hear. we know the stories you have been told to tell. It won´t be easy to get true pure lies. I would advice to let the police know about those who come here from a  non war zone. Then the people who really need a refuge would get it for a year or two.