Selaat arkistoa kohteelle cats.

I am lonely

5.12.2016 Yleinen

I feel so lonely right now…I just  want to be with someone but I am alone…I mean I won’t die even if I’m alone but my depression makes me want to die. This isn’t really that serious but my depression makes everything worse.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I boring? Well I think I’m not boring usually.  I don’t know who I can ask to see me and yeah…who even wants to see me? This is annyoing.

I want to cry. Can someone just hug me now pls?? ;_;

It’s so cold and dark. Kinda like my mind now.

Just talking with someone would help but everyone is busy I guess. So I just write and I will feel better soon. Maybe I’m gonna look some cat videos or pictures. MAYBE EVEN BOTH.

I will be okay. Cat’s always help and I think I’m gonna do hot cocoa for myself and continue writing. Yes I will do that. I feel already better even though I just wrote how I feel. Hot cocoa is good!!

It worked! I love cats so much. Those tiny cute assholes are life. <3

Our old cat

Our old cat. ^


I wish I could pet these cuties.

Love from Alex <3

Something small for everyone

5.12.2016 Yleinen






Cats are so adorable.

I hope this makes someone smile.

Hope you all are okay and happy. <3 (it’s okay to not be happy too and you can’t always be okay).

Love from Alex.